Seneca Creek Watershed Partners

Current President of the 501(c)3, is Ann Smith.

Seneca Creek is the largest watershed in Montgomery County.  The watershed borders are north of both Muddy Branch and Watts Branch.    We work closely with our sister organizations in both watersheds, Muddy Branch Alliance and Watts Branch Watershed Alliance.  We do share our calendar of events, which you will find updated on this website.  We also share the email distribution for a newsletter, which you can sign up at this website.

The group was initially formed in 2008 and was subject of an article in the Gazette:

“Nature lovers, county agencies and outdoor sports enthusiasts took the first step Sunday to forming a group that would give the county’s largest watershed more attention.

‘‘People seem to have the idea that a little tiny creek is a trashcan,” conservation chair Cindy Stevens, who is heading an effort to start a stewardship group with fellow member Tom Vegella, said at the meeting. ‘‘… How we are treating our own backyards is critical.”

Attendees discussed what the group could do to promote and preserve the watershed, an area in which above- and below-ground water drains into a certain lake, river, bay, stream or ocean, as well as how the group would be organized.”