We have started monitoring water quality of the Muddy Branch!

Monday, December 5, 2011 - 11:35pm

We have selected two of the sites that Gaithersburg monitors on a 5 year cycle, and plan to monitor these twice a year.  If we get more volunteers we can expand the number of sites.  The sites selected are an outfall from the Lakelands and from Washingtonian Woods.  Check out our Explore webpage for a map of the actual coordinates.  The results of this first monitoring were mixed.  The section of creek that exits from the Lakelands is on the lower end of "Poor", the lowest range you can get for a stream reach.  Washingtonian Woods site (Decloverly) scored much higher.  We hope to identify projects that can lead to the improvement of water quality on the Muddy Branch, and this monitoring is a key component to tracking any program.