Two Interns for 2015 Notified

Saturday, May 16, 2015 - 9:51pm

Our first two interns notified about acceptance by Muddy Branch Alliance for this summer.  They have selected pretty lofty goals.

Objective:We plan to empower citizens in the muddy branch watershed to utilize and respect their very own watershed. We will do this by promoting our cause through social media, creating interactive map routes throughout the watershed and with hands on excursions given to educate everyone on the importance of our watershed.

Jack Beautz: I am soon to be a junior in the global ecology magnet program at Poolesville high school and I will be getting Eagle Scout Rank through Troop 1094 this May thanks to help from the Muddy Branch Alliance.

Sajan Mistry: I am soon to be a junior at Quince Orchard High School next year. I am a member, and senior patrol leader of Troop 1094. I have always loved the outdoors, and plan to help protect it alongside the Muddy Branch Alliance. 


You will hear from them more this summer.