Top 10 New Year Resolutions for 2015

Thursday, January 1, 2015 - 11:10am

Dear fans and supporters of Clean Water,

We were so blessed to have the support of hundreds of people this past year, either cleaning, monitoring, protecting or enhancing our local stream and park land.  We will miss Larry Speicher and Jack Cochran who passed this last year.  We appreciate all those that gave in their memory.  We are now actively involved in setting up projects that will demonstrate water friendly landscapes with that money. Contact us if you are interested in learning more about taking advantage of this support.

If you haven't yet determined your New Year Resolution, please consider one or all of the following.

1) Exercise with your family by walking on the trails along the stream and enjoy the quite solitude (remember to pickup after your pets).  Draw, paint or photograph local parks. Canoe or fish.  These all create a connection between your family, friends and the local stream.

2) Plant a Rain Garden in your yard, or volunteer to do this with your homeowner association, a local school or your congregation’s sacred grounds.  Rain Gardens hold stormwater and help reduce erosion.

3) Replace turf grass with Native Plants. Plant a tree!  Turf grass surprisingly creates more runoff than deeper rooted plants and trees.  Again reducing runoff helps reduce stream erosion.

4) Pick-up trash to prevent it from entering local streams.  No one enjoys looking at trash.  Picking it up provides a more pleasant environment for us all.

5) Plant a garden in your yard, locate and get involved with a community garden or support local farmers by joining a CSA.  These are all sustainable practices and when performed with best management practices, encourage water to soak into the land.

6) Install a Rain Barrel to collect rain water from a roof top and reduce stormwater runoff.

7) Learn about a new aspect of by attending one of our local meetings or find local events or a Watershed Steward Academy.  Our next meeting is February 15th.

8) Monitor water quality in your local stream.  This February there will be training for Stream Waders, and we hope to monitor all Seneca Creek, Muddy Branch and Watts Branch watershed again.

9) Become involved on our Board.  We are currently looking for someone with experience as treasurer and someone interested in improving communication with our community.

10) Volunteer to help improve our local parks by removing invasive weeds or maintaining the trails.  Our next event is January 24.
If you have a resolution you want to share, or have an interest in becoming involved as a board member please respond to this email.  We look forward to making a difference with your help!  Have a wonderful New Year!

Paul Hlavinka on behalf of the Muddy Branch Alliance Board.