Strategic Plan Update

Saturday, August 17, 2013 - 12:51pm

We have been participating in a strategic planning workshop, provided by the Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protection.  Core to the workshop has been the creation of our Vision Statement.  We had sent our draft out and requested feedback.  Based on the many good suggestions, we have settled on this version:

"The Muddy Branch Alliance's vision is for the surrounding streams, lakes, forests and parks to be teaming with life, safe for families, pets and wildlife to enjoy and to have a community connected to preserving the area's intrinsic beauty."

After working on the Vision Statement, we began to identify the Enabling Conditions that would allow us to achieve this lofty goal.  And lastly we started to map our existing activities to these conditions.  Through this process, we will be able to see which activities best support the goal so we can focus on those in the near term.  If interested in getting involved with this process, please contact one of our board members or email and ask to be included in this process.