Muddy Branch Alliance Acknowledged

Friday, February 15, 2013 - 11:17am

Gaithersburg High School awarded the Muddy Branch Alliance with a Gold Medal for presenting to all the Environmental Science students, and to their environmental club, information about local waters and what is being done to protect them.  Also awarded the medal was the Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protection, and Maryland Department of the Environment.  During the presentation, several students suggested things that they themselves can do to help with water quality including keeping trash out of the streams, picking up after their dog's messes, and using less water.

We received the following from some of the teachers:

"Thanks again to your time and dedication.  I hope we have inspired some of our students to achieve some level of commitment to protecting the environment now and in the future." Jennifer Gable 

"Thanks to you and Ana for a great presentation. I learned a lot, and I know the kids got something out of it as well.  I will refer my interested students to you for guidance on internships." Maisie Lynch

" You guys were great! Thanks so much!!"  Courtney Mason

Medal from Gaithersburg HS

Congrats all!