2017 Trees Have Arrived!

Sunday, March 26, 2017 - 9:48am
We've heard from DNR that our trees will be ready for pickup on Tuesday, March 28.  We will drop a portion of them off to Bonnie Bell (Seneca Creek Watershed Partners) at Seneca State Park then keep the rest for distribution.  If interested in trees, you can pick up the trees/shrubs beginning at 3 pm on Tuesday until 8 pm.
The trees are bare root.  If this is your first time getting some, you will perhaps want to bring a bucket or something to put them in.  I'll have damp newspaper that you can wrap them in for transport.  They should be planted ASAP.
If you can't come Tuesday, we'll be distributing again on Wednesday from 1 pm until 8 pm.  
If anyone wants to come on Tuesday or Wednesday to help out for a few hours, that would be appreciated.  If we're not too busy you can wander the garden.
As in years past, we won't actually know what trees/shrubs we get until I have them in hand but we do know that the American beech trees did not grow this year so we will not have them.  We will have buttonbush though, which was not on the original list.  It's a great shrub that does well in moist soil.
I have a list of what each person has requested and will do my best to fill each order.  If you wanted beech trees I'm sorry, perhaps next year. Trees/shrubs are given on a first-come basis but I should have enough for those who have requested what they want in advance and perhaps some extra.  
If interested, call Merikay at 301-926-9774.